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Default Re: Convicted murderer arrested in Steve McNairs death

Originally Posted by The Patriot View Post
We must have grown up in different neighborhoods.
We sure did... in my neighborhood, an ax, a knife and a car are used just as responsibly as a gun. It was only criminals that used them all irresponsibly and hurt others.

I have no problem with private sales of guns. Once again, the only people who would cease selling guns privately if it was outlawed would be the ones who would also have enough responsibility not to sell a gun to someone they didn't trust with it.


In this case, it is a shame a person died, and another committed suicide. As usual in suicides, if someone had just seen the signs and confronted her, talked to her, called the police and reported their worries, it would not have happened.

It is much easier to get over embarrassment and finding out that a person wasn't going to commit suicide, than it is to get over the guilt that you could and should have intervened when your suspicions told you there was a suicide attempt.

And yes, McNair is to blame for his life decisions, but that doesn't mean he is to blame for being shot. Those are two different things....
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