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Default Re: Ohio Police Pulling Over Steelers Fans On Way To Super Bowl

I was stopped walking home because a cop thought I was helping to steal shit outta cars not too far from the public library that I use for my internet access.I was in my Steelers coat and sideline knit hat,walking out of the library with someone in the Browns hat and coat.

The person I was walking out with is a high schooler,going back to where the cars were broken into,and I was walking the opposite way (rather scared once he saw the cop to).The cop watched me walk out of the library and cross the street before he stopped me,lights and siren going,and questioned me and patted me down.

Who looks more suspicious?

Why?More than likley because I was a Steelers fan.

My friend got his car vandalized by a Browns fan at the game in Cleveland,and the cop watched and didn't do shit.

That's how cops around here do thier job.

Congrats to the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins
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