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Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Agreed...they totally wasted the 1st pick...Stafford wasn't even the best QUARTERBACK in this draft, let alone the best player...
In all fairness, though, they were pretty much screwed no matter what they did. I don't think there was any player in the draft this year worth a $10-million-a-year contract, which is what you're basically forced to give out.

Plus, that $10 million price tag eliminates you from taking most positions just because it wouldn't work from a salary cap standpoint. No DB, LB, TE, WR for you; RB is a rarity, DL is kind of a reach, and you might take an OL, but if you're worst in the league, you usually need more help than that. You're basically stuck drafting a QB and hoping he works out, which is a 50-50 roll of the dice. Look how the #1 pick has gone by position before and after they started the salary cap in 1993:

Not saying the Lions made a good pick, but they were just in a terrible position to begin with. That's more the fault of the current system than anything. Why is there no rookie salary cap yet?
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