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Originally Posted by TackleMeBen View Post
so what you are saying marianne is that the lions can become the dynasty of the future??lol.

i dont see them winning many games, maybe 3 tops. at least they dont have millen making bad decisions anymore. the new coach seems to have the players in control and maybe they get turn their losing attitudes into winning attitudes.
Sure they could - why not? As I pointed out above, the Steelers sucked for quite a while before Chuck Noll turned them around after suffering several really bad seasons. It wasn't until 1972 under Coach Noll that the Steelers finally won a division crown and went on to become one of the greatest NFL franchises in history.

Do I think the Lions are going to turn it around in one season? No, but in today's NFL with all of the player movement due to FA, trades, etc., and the Lions most likely getting high draft picks over the next season or two, nothing is out of the realm of logical thinking and possibility.

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