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Default Re: Spread offense been around for decades.

Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
The thing is, that college teams running a spread effectively can get into a real shootout and then teams with pro-style offenses built on more balanced run and pass attacks might not be suited to play from behind.

Its really a matter of stopping the spread offense with speed. That is why a spread in the NFL would not be as effective, because the collective team speed of defenses will run stuff down going east-west.

In the NFL, the quicker the ballcarrier can get to the safety, the better he is. That is why the big O linemen like Mack and Wood go early, while smaller and quicker guys like Luigs, Unger, Shipley go later......even if they were great blockers in spread offenses.
yes, but there's something to be said about a good ball control, eat up the clock offense. when the O score to quick...the D tends to get a little worn out. i'm just sayin that if everyone is gearing up to stop the spread with smaller players, a team with a good power run game, should be able to exploit them.
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