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Default Re: The Official "Past Super Bowl Facts" Topic

* Eight percent of those watching will be tuning in just to see the ads.

* Super Bowl XXXIV ads cost an average of $73,333 per second

* In 2000, The World Wrestling Federation and 7-Up each had ads rejected by the ABC standards office, but came up with alternatives. The WWF, which won't specify what ABC found objectionable, says its new ad shows "the unabashed excitement of WWF fans in unexpected places." Soft drink 7-Up's original ad got thrown out because it contained an off-color phrase. Its new one may not be much better. It exhorts consumers to "show us your cans."

* ABC will have 300 people working over 47 Cameras and other broadcating equipment on Sunday night

* This is the second Super Bowl held in the Georgia Dome. Atlanta previously hosted Super Bowl XXVII on Sunday, Jan. 30, 1994.

* Last year's (1999) game was the sixth most watched program in television history, with 127.5 million viewers in the United States. The game was broadcast to 180 countries and territories and viewed by a worldwide audience estimated at 800 million. Fifteen international broadcasters in 24 different languages called the game live from Pro Player Stadium.

* The ads during Super Bowl 1, broadcast by two networks, cost 1/40 the price of ads during Super Bowl XXXIV
USAToday - Sports: 1/27/00

* Super Bowl ticket prices over the years:

Super Bowl I (1967) $6-$12
Super Bowl XV (1981) $40
Super Bowl XXII (1988) $100
Super Bowl XXX (1996) $200-$350
Super Bowl XXXIII (1999) $325
USAToday - Sports: 1/27/00

* ABC is making dot-com advertisers pay in advance for time in the advertising showcase
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