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Default Re: Big Ben and his motorcycle??

Originally Posted by ironcitychef
I don't know why I'm not as fired up about all this as you all are. I have never rode a bike, but I just don't see it. When Aaron Boone busted his leg playing basketball no one was concerned about the Steelers playing charity games. If its going to happen, it will happen. Helmet/No helmet, bike/car. Do I wish he would wear a helmet, yes. Do I know that many can ride a bike without and be fine, yes. Is it a chance, yes. I guess I just see too many other things that could happen as well and figure I wouldn't feel any better if something happend on the field instead.

Agreed chef, if its going to happen, its going to happen.. some people ride their whole lives w/ barely a scratch.. and others ride forever and then out of the blue, it happens.. But why not be prepared if it does happen, atleast do ur part to keep ur noggin intactd. :)
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