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Default Re: So many QB's so little talent

Their best chance for winning is Quinn. He's always been a gameday QB, and only so-so in practice, yet they repeatedly seem to be making all their QB decisions based on his practice performance.

The prognosis ain't good for the Brownies this year. The OL is overrated, their RB is old, they only have 1 real WR now, and he drops half the balls thrown his way, and Derrick Anderson is a joke. Defensively, they have several GOOD players, really nobody great with the exception of Rogers (and I like Eric Wright at CB). They have little depth. It's an average defense at best. They won't be able to stop most teams, and the offense will lack the ability to put up a lot of points, so it's going to be a LONG year for the Browns yet again.

I got 'em somewhere between 6-10 and, if they REALLY have a great season, 8-8.
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