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Default Re: Patriots fan here..GOOD LUCK STEELERS FANS

Thanks all for the kind words,When I took the effort to wish the Steelers fans Best of Luck.I did not think it would have been taken so nicely That's awesome.The Pats and Steelers have been at each other quite a bit in the last few years But I have always enjoyed watching you guys on the ol' TV.Cowher is alot like Belichick,very Classy.Definately.So...Again,I am A true pats fan..And I do Indeed hope that you all realize how hard it is for me to be on this Forum.LOL.Not really though.You guys have some of the best fans.So it's only fair to spread the Excitement that a Classy team Is Representing the AFC.My Only complaint,Now that I have your attention is..I WISH CHAD SCOTT Was younger,When we signed him last year from you guys I was stoked..WTF Was he doing this last year.I know Injuries were a huge factor,But even from the Getgo,I was xpecting More.Needless to say I think He wound Up on IR if IM correct.had we gotten him 5 yearss ago..Damn...I wouldnt have thought twice about sending Ty Law To The Jets.But again..Good Luck.Definately....and Thank's For Mike Vrabel,Dudes a Badass!
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