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Uh, it's called a tuck RULE for a reason. Gotta gripe? Take in to Park Avenue in NYC.
Wonder how much the namesake of the Rooney Rule had to do with ESPN's embarrassing reluctance to report on the Roethlisbeger situation? Tony Zendejas (an NFL nothing compared to Roethlisberger) was alleged to have drugged & raped a woman last September. No criminal charges filed; a civil suit only, but ESPN sure as hell reported on that.
So ABC/Disney/ESPN reports on the one guy, who no one cares about, but not on the other guy? Then they absurdly state the reason they're not reporting Roethlisberger is because "no criminal chages have been filed"....only to have the Zendajas double-standard thrown back in their face. Compromised much?
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