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Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
I think it started with a camcorder...but the rabbit hole went much deeper than that before it was all over (radio frequencies, stolen playbooks, etc...). There were so many allegations it made the head spin...and it was so bad that the commissioner had no choice but to bury it all because there was no way to actually deal with all the ramifications that such deep rooted cheating and corruption wrought.

Anyway, I can see you're getting angry, which is predictable, but it's just facts, ma'am. The allegations of cheating surfaced circa 2001, which correspond exactly with this formerly awful coach suddenly winning.

I'm sorry, buddy, but the Pats just ain't all that. When the tires come off the bus, as they inevitably and invariably will (most likely next season, but perhaps as soon as 2009) you'll jump ship to another winning team like most Pats fans did in the first place and this will all be a moot the meantime, is it really worth getting all fired up over?

Now that i think about it, is THAT why you post here? Scouting your next favorite team out?

One more thing. Look at these overall records:

41-55 pre-taping/cheating
112-35 after taping

He went from winning 42% of his games to winning 76% of his games because fair?

You wish you could make me angry. You'll have to do better than some weak patronization and the bandwagon insults.

Anybody can accuse anybody of anything. Accusations which never materialize are usually baseless. You just undermined your own argument.

Oh, and by the way...

Bush caused 9/11!!!
Al Gore won the election!!!!
The CIA took out JFK!!!
Roosevelt lured the Japanese to strike Pearl Harbor!!!
The government inserts memory chips in your ear!!!

Oh, and ofcourse: Obama is a communist Arab!!!!!!!!!!!!
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