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Default Re: All-Time NBA Squad


SG: Jordan (no-brainer; best player in NBA history)
PG: Magic (the ball-handling skills of a guard with the body of a forward - a matchup nightmare)
SF: Bird (still the best shooter I've ever seen personally, IMO)
PF: Bill Russell (I know he made his name as a center, but he would be an awesome PF nowadays, IMO)
C: Kareem (owner of THE unstoppable shot, the Sky Hook)


G: Oscar Robertson (Mr. Triple-Double himself and could easily be a SG or PG)
G: Jerry West (Mr. Logo)
F: Dr. J (MJ's obvious inspiration growing up and probably my all-time favorite baller, period)
F: Tim Duncan (possibly the most fundamentally sound player in all phases of the game I've ever seen, IMO)
C: Wilt Chamberlain (An absolute freak of nature and would still more than likely be the best C in the league now)
C: Shaq (another freak of nature)
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