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Default Re: All-Time NBA Squad

Kareem Abdul Jabaar - Starting Center - A bit obvious choice in my opinion

Tim Duncan - Starting Power Forward -I am a huge fan of Mr. Fundamental...he's got a decent 15-footer and his inside game is as good as has existed at the PF. He's not a spectacular athlete, but his basketball IQ make up for it.

Larry Bird - Starting Small Forward - One of the best scorers in the NBA...and an underrated defender. Though I think LBJ will pass him as the best SF ever...for this team, I wanted a better outside shooter to complement the next guy.

Michael Jordan - Starting Shooting Guard - Not the greatest deep shooter...but could still score at will. Having Larry and Duncan spread the floor only helps him that much more. Great defender too.

Magic Johnson - Starting Point Guard - He is what Lebron James strives to be. One of the most versatile players to have ever played the game. His career average of 19.5/11.2/7.2 is one of the better all-time achievements. Having him allows me so much versatility...because I can play him at the 1/2/3 spot against almost any team you come up with.

Oscar Robertson - I only start Magic over him because I think the extra 4 inches and 30 pounds will make a difference. Still, he's easily in the running for 6th man award if he did become the first guy off the bench. His 25/9/7 average is just sick, no matter the era.

Lebron James - The next guy to come off the bench. Sure, there are guys with better careers, but this one can play the 1-4 spot with skill...and the team doesn't take much of a hit. He's this generations Oscar/Magic/Cousy/Erving.
Kobe Bryant - He's a sure fire 1st ballot HoF if he quit right now. Still has a lot of game left. His ability to create his own shot makes him one of the most dangerous scorers...and the fact that he can hit the open three with regularity only adds to that.

Wilt Chamberlain When KAJ has to come out, who better to replace him? I could honestly start either one and feel comfortable.

Kevin Garnett I'm going against convention with this pick (and probably with Duncan as well) but I love his athleticism and the way that he has changed the way the game is played. He opened the door for guys like Nowitzki to come to the US and play. Can hit the outside shot with much regularity and is a great defender. He's like having a 6'11 combo guard on the court (who can rebound.) This isn't so much about me thinking he's better...but creating mismatches on offense.

Dwight Howard Another pick that surprises people. I think his raw athleticism to come off the bench and play some hard/fast minutes at the PF spot (mostly) will add a speed dimension to the game that most teams couldn't contend with. As good as TD/Garnett/Kareem/Wilt are...I don't know that they could keep paced in a fast paced game. I only bring him in for injuries, or for a 5-minute scoring burst where I want to score fast. When he's in, Lebron, Magic, Oscar and MJ are all likely to be on the court so that we can run fast/hard.

John Stockton Best Pure PG to have played the game. When he comes in, he plays the 1...and either O/Magic get moved around.

Because of the athletes/Basketball IQ, I'd run a lot of zone defenses...and let my PF/SF play very free with the help defense. I'd want to run pressure D, starting between 3/4 court and 1/2 court.

Offensively, I'd want to run fast. Most of those teams that do run an uptempo offense fail because the guys they have running it can't play D very well. That's obviously not the case with my team. Because of the depth, I have no problem with having them run very hard in 5 minute bursts...and then swapping players out all game. 15-20 played for the starters..with the rest of the bench getting similar time.
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