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Default Re: 2009 forecast: Hot sticky summer

I just don't see Ben's situation being anywhere near the distraction that his motorcycle accident was, or the Noll situation. Ben isn't recovering from breaking his face off of a car and nearly bleeding out(not to mention the emergency appendectomy), and our coach won't be missing for camp(unless something unforeseen happens).
His lawyers will handle the vast majority of the court proceedings without him having to be in the court room until the trial starts. If it goes to trial you can bet your ass that his lawyers will see to it that it gets delayed until after the season, most likely in the spring so they can get it over with before camp.
Sure, the media will press him with questions but that's during the normally allotted press time. Constantly telling them that he can't answer those questions will become mentally draining for him, but let's not act like they'll be in the meeting rooms and on the practice fields, preventing him from doing his job on a daily basis. I think the very idea that this situation will be a big distraction, will end up being the most overblown story in the press this season.
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