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Default Re: Five days to camp, five questions

1) Ben is fat and healthy, unlike 2006. His legal chores will be handled by his lawyers, without him being present in the court room, up until a trial(if it goes to trial.). Any competent lawyer, let alone one that Ben can afford, will get the trial delayed until after the season. If he's innocent, and a lot of things are pointing to that right now, he won't have a heavy conscious weighing on his mind. I think he'll have as good a state of mind as anyone could have.
2) I really don't think Hamp is gonna make that mistake twice. The reason why some players repeatedly come to camp over weight is because they're never held accountable in front of their peers and critics. We all know, with Tomlin's "News" and his general demeanor, that his strength is assigning accountability at ALL TIMES. He downright embarrassed Big Snack in front of his team, and the world, by putting him on the pup AND stating why he put him there. I'd big shocked if Hamp was stupid enough to make that mistake again.
3) I generally agree that the line is the biggest question mark going into camp. That being said, they have the potential to improve drastically IMO. Especially when you bring in Urbik and Shipley. Talk about a warning shot across the bow. Who knows how it will all shake down. It's going to be a VERY competitive camp for the o-line and they'll be better for it. We just need to get the best group out there early and hope injuries don't keep them from gelling into a solid unit.
4) Another great camp battle in the making, but I think McDonald is only here to push Sweed and be our #4. We all want Sweed to get the job after they way he bounced back from that embarrassing faked injury. He has the size, at 6'4" 220(T.O. is listed at 6'3 224. ), and the speed. Sweed's gonna be a nightmare for DB's to handle, not to mention tackle. I can see him commanding a lot of respect from defenses as the season goes on. He really has the potential to be a special WR and I don't see McDonald getting in the way of that.
5) This year's camp is going to be very competitive because of our draft class and free agents. The o-line is gonna be a battle royale and who knows how it's gonna shake down. 3rd WR is up for grabs between Sweed and McDonald. Parker, Moore, Mendenhall, and Frank the Tank are all gonna be fighting for every bit of PT that they can get. Special teams will have a lot of battles too. There are going to be enough battles going on to keep this team from getting complacent IMHO.
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