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If anyone caught Leno on Tues night, he picked out a Seahawks fan and a Steelers fan from the audience and had them compete against each other.

Round 1 involved putting a hairpiece on a Bradshaw cutout's head while blindfolded. The Seahawks fan won (they both got help from the audience) and then some boos when he won. Seahawks 1, Steelers 0. Round 2 was 3 chances to throw a ball through a car tire on a rope (a la Viagra). Neither one could do it even once. Seahawks 1, Steelers 0. Final round, a 3 point round, was grabbing a bunch of mini plastic football toys out of a barrel of foam (Seattle had coffee foam, Pittsburgh had Iron City foam). The Steelers guy got all of them for 3 points and won! Steelers 3, Seahawks 1. WE WIN!!
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