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Default Re: 2009 Pittsburgh Pirates Season Thread

Originally Posted by pittsburghp8baller View Post
Best of luck in Seattle Jack. Really sad to see you go wish you could of been apart of a winner in Pittsburgh.

On the flip side, im really happy with what we got in return for Ian and Jack. Three solid looking pitchers, a MLB ready SS and a power 1B (guess they moved him from catcher, thats good means more power potential)
You might be the only Pirates fan who is happy with the trade.

Honestly, I've just become numb to the entire team. I have a few games left on my season ticket plan, and then after that, I will be watching from the sidelines until the Pirates start winning games, or MLB finally decides to force Nutting to sell the team to someone who gives a damn about winning. I've tried to understand all of the trades and the need to infuse talent into the organization, but what good is it when management will just turn around and trade them if and when they become quality major-leaguers? Bud Selig has to be concerned that the Pirates continue to do this year after year after year - it does NOTHING to improve the league. The NBA put rules in place to keep the Clippers from continually fielding garbage - why can't MLB do the same for teams like the Pirates?
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