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Default Re: 2009 Pittsburgh Pirates Season Thread

Originally Posted by pittsburghp8baller View Post
where did u get 76 runs? you mean 76 hits? For a 20 year old to have a 3.47 ERA in AA is very impressive. You dont see many 20 year olds holding there own for a whole season in AA. He only has 14 walks in that 72 IP so the control is already there.

We should of gotten Alderson+ more but whats done is done, we finally have that front of the rotation prospect we have been waiting for...

1. Duke
2. Alderson
3. Lincoln
4. Morton
5. Moskos

good looking rotation if you ask me
I don't know how I didn't pick up on that - yes, it was 76 HITS in 72.2 innings pitched. He'd have an ERA over 9 if it were 76 runs, not 3.47, which you're correct, is very good for a 20 year old pitcher. Looks like the dude was just panicking without actually reading the story.

Anyway, as I said, the Giants weren't going to give up much more than Alderson for Sanchez, so in that regard, it's a solid trade. And that rotation looks pretty good, except Maholm has to fit in there somewhere. So I think it'll look like this:

1. Duke
2. Alderson
3. Maholm
4. Morton
5. Lincoln

I think that's an even better rotation.

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