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Default Re: Is Saturday's camp open to the public?

They had in the paper today that camp was open to the public every day starting Saturday. Gates open at 1:30 and training starts at 2:55.

• Practices: They are open to the public only in the afternoon, usually between 2:55 and 5. All practices are scheduled at Saint Vincent College, except for one night practice, Aug. 7 at Latrobe Stadium at 7 p.m. Weather and unforeseen circumstances can alter the schedule. The first open practice is Saturday, the last on Aug. 20.

*edit* I had to add this from the article in the post gazette, I missed it at first, but it made me chuckle.

• Banned: Alcohol, drugs, whistles, video cameras (those pesky video cell phones will be difficult to stop), profanity, stalkers, graffiti, pets, pests, Baltimore Ravens scouts, hovering helicopters and hot-air balloons, Nate Washington.
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