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Default Re: Steelers Training Camp Preview: Quarterback

I am not so quick to anoint Batch to the #2 spot. While Batch is admittedly competent and dependable, he has a few glaring flaws.

Batch will be 35 years old this season. His best days are clearly behind him.

Batch has a career QB rating of only 77.9. While he probably won’t lose many games for the Steelers, he also can’t be expected to carry the team on his back and win many games either.

Batch has a history of injuries. This was most recently evident in 2008 when he missed most of the season with a shoulder injury.

Rather than hand the #2 quarterback role to Batch, I’d much rather see another player win the spot in training camp.
Dude couldn't have said it any better.

Charlie is a great person and a teamer, but I seriously hope Dixon beats him out in camp as I get the willies every time Batch has to step in for Ben.

Dennis Dixon is younger than Charlie Batch, taller than Charlie Batch, faster than Charlie Batch, and he has a stronger arm than Charlie Batch. If he can master the playbook, I believe he will emerge from Steelers training camp as the #2 quarterback

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