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Default Re: 2009 Pittsburgh Pirates Season Thread

Originally Posted by pittsburghp8baller View Post
Looks like a kick ass Lineup and solid enough rotation to compete.

Since DirectTV wont let me watch the Pirate/Nats game live im watching the encore right now, unbelievable. McCutchen is increbible, whoever said we should lock him up now is compeletly right. We need to pull off a Tampa Bay/Evan Longoria situation. They tied him up quickly and early in his career so they get get him for the next 6 years i believe for extremely cheap

Ron Dibble has spent the entire game bashing the pirates, saying this team is full of AAA players and the Nats should be pounding them. Wait a second? which team only has 32 wins?
Dibble suffers from something called "Foot in Mouth." The Nationals are the most dysfunctional franchise in Baseball. Give me a freakin break. Maybe if they decided to trade their big names for guys who could help them win in the future, maybe they could have the outlook the Pirates do.

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