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Default Re: A successful mini camp concludes..

I do like the teaching approach we have used lately. I like to use it in the kitchen as well. When I have a new cook and they are being trained by a capable line cook(2 on 1 station) I'll usually throw a bunch of crap at them just to see mentally what they are like. Now if we are in a bind, and that new person has to work by themselves and I know I can't have them getting into the weeds, I'll be more easy going on them and help them out more. To me it shows that we have plenty of depth on our team and we just want to see who's head is already into the game. As a side note isn't it great how we always get these guys who have some kinda link to Pittsburgh(played here, born here, favorite team growing up). Makes them put forth a little more effort cause they might not get a chance to play here if it doesn't work out. Neat point that sets us apart from other franchises.
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