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Default Re: 2009 Pittsburgh Pirates Season Thread

Originally Posted by X-Terminator View Post
No, I don't see Hart as the #5 guy in the future...and I don't see Ohlendorf there either, not after next season anyway. Once Tim Alderson is ready, Ohlendorf's days in the rotation will be over, and either Lincoln or Morton will be moved into the #5 spot.
How would he not be in the rotation in the future? He is the Bucs 3rd best pitcher so far thus far, and has had a better season than Maholm. Alderson is only 20 years old, it'll be at least 2 years before he is called up, and at this point Lincoln has slowly progressed in AAA, I don't think Lincoln will beat out Ohlendorf, and Alderson isn't a lock for the rotations.

Ohlendorf has a better WHIP, and OBA.

Ohlendorf's OBA: .333
Maholm's OBA: .344

Ohlendorfs WHIP: 1.31
Maholms: WHIP: 1.43

Heck, Ohlendorf has done a better job than Maholm in his pitch count.

Ohlendorfs P/IP: 15.31
Maholm's P/IP: 15.78

Im willing to bet Ohlendorfs UZR is better than Maholms this year. So how does Ohlendorf not get into the rotation next year, or in the future, when he has out pitched Maholm, the Bucs "ace"?? I know this is just one year, but I believe Ohlendorf will be in the rotation in the future based on the fact that he is stil young, and can vastly improve his pitching with the help of Kerrigan.
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