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Default Steelers Nation in Ocean City, MD

so, i recently went to Ocean City, Maryland for a nice little vacation a week or so ago. i must say, i had a blast. i'm not the biggest beach goer in the world, but it was nice to relax and dip out of society for awhile. needless to say, all of the problems i left behind for a week are back ten fold and it's pretty annoying. but i'll manage. i got my ass burnt to a crisp, but i managed to protect my tattoos and not get bitten by a horseshoe crab like last year. haha! if anyone is familiar with the area, we stayed at the 45th Street Astoria beach side. it was gorgeous. i saw a dead woman, lightning strike 100 yards from my car, 2 mini hurricanes, and a horse go apeshit at the horse races and almost crash through the fence. i also won the championship of an 8 person, round robin, double elimination beer pong tournament in our condo. i can't wait to defend my title next year. ha!

while i was in OC, i shared a lot of fun stories and a lot of great football tales with fellow Steeler fans from all over the Eastern seaboard. i know OC isn't that far from Pittsburgh (7 hours) but everywhere i turned there was a Steelers fan. from toddlers to elders and soooo many cars with decals for the City of Champions...and the Pirates. you almost had to beep and give them a nod or if you are really ballsy, a drive-by-fist bump! haha! even being 300 miles away made me feel at home. it was so cool to be riding the OC bus and people saying, "hey! you're the guy with the Steelers beach towel on the beach!" i just thought that was the coolest thing that Steelers fan look out for and look for fellow Steelers fans everywhere they go. there were more Steelers fans than Ravens fans. even though i seen a few here and there, i seen a lot more Redskins and Eagles fans too.

a side story, i went to a beach boutique across from our condo called Doggystyle. it was all beachwear and what not for dogs. a great store for anyone who travels with dogs or loves their dogs enough to purchase them stuff while on vacation..(like me)! well, they happen to sell homemade organic dog treats wit NFL cross references. such as dog treats shaped like footballs, and bone shaped treats with team names on them. well, i walk in there and i was checking out the treats for my Bella and i noticed there was a 20 treat stack of bone shaped Ravens treats and no Steelers bones. i asked the lady behind the counter, "what's up with that? no Steeler love?" she said, "we sold out of those within 20 minutes of opening up this morning." i said, "that's what's up." she was from Pittsburgh vacationing and working for the summer and we had a nice discussion about the Steelers. i had to chuckle because no matter where you go, there is a Steelers fan in every little nook and cranny of the world. you can't get that with other teams from any sport in any country, but you get that with the Pittsburgh Steelers. and i love that. it makes me proud to be from Western Pennsylvania and be born in Pittsburgh.

i hope you enjoyed my boring story, but i wanted to share with you fellow members of the Steelers Nation and i'm sure you all have other stories just like mine...if not cooler and more R-rated. haha!

also, if you are reading this: old man on the beach with the Ravens hat...i'm sorry i did the butt floss dry off with my Steelers towel two feet away from you. i'm not sorry i did it, i'm sorry i got sand in your eyes. that was rude. haha!
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