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Default Re: Notes From First Week of Steelers' Camp

Originally Posted by mesaSteeler View Post
Notes From First Week of Steelers' Camp
Posted Aug 04, 2009 8:12PM By JJ Cooper (RSS feed)

The NFL may be worrying about Twitter and most NFL teams treat the simplest news that is bound to get out as if it's a state secret, but with open practices and quality reporters, it's pretty easy to get a good idea of what's going on at training camp.

Between Jim Wexell's tweeting and posts at Steel City Insider, vrabinec's incredibly detailed posts over at and the rest of the in-person rundowns over at and Behind The Steel Curtain, there's a heck of a lot of good information out there.

some long timers may remember vrabinec posting his notes in this forum a few years ago. great stuff to read if you cant be there (i think Killer linked to his saturday notes).

heres a tiny snipet from monday (he may actually document every play)-

The team splits into 3 groups and comes off the line on a simulated snap.
-Timmons is the first one off the line in the first group.
-Vincent is the first one off the line in the second group.
-McHugh is the first one off the line in the third group.
The team splits up. The o-linemen come down to the corner to get instruction on handling stunts.
-The only bad play is one in which Kemo sees a stunting end too late. (This is a walk-through, mind you. You can’t make this stuff up.)
The punt cover team gets instructions. Johnson gives a lot of effort on every play. I don’t know if he’s got the talent to make the team, but I absolutely love this guy’s effort. He’s like Rudy out there.
-Carey Davis and Fox once again look like the toughest ones to block on the cover teams. Those of you who want to jettison Davis should keep that in mind.
-Shipley picks up the wrong man and gets instruction. Tries it again, and gets it this time.
The team goes into stretching exercises before the practice is to start in ernest.
-Big Snack looks slimmed down (amazing what a contract year will do) and is actually pretty flexible. He and Ben stroll while everyone else stretches.
-Holmes has trainers twist him into pretzels. He’s Gumby.

a must read for camp news junkies. excellent stuff.
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