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Default Re: Rashard Mendenhall Dances to Michael Jackson Medley

Originally Posted by SteelCityKing View Post
haha! that's hilarious. but oh so cool. i wish i could dance like that.

i think i saw something on KDKA about how he went to dance classes to work on his balance and rehab his shoulder. he used Michael Jackson songs because the moves he used was a lot of upperbody and Rashard thought it would help him with the soreness in his shoulder.

so, i'm under two assumptions. 1) the dancing worked and his shoulder is fine. 2) he must've REALLY loved that dance class to stick around and perform onstage like that. or i could be wrong about it all and he just really, REALLY loves to dance. just'll be okay...gotta do-doo just dance...spin that record babe...gotta do-doo...just dance. -- sorry, i digress. haha!
I bet he really loves to dance and he also saw this as an opportunity to do something athletic while he was out. A lot of athletes like to keep the motor going as much as possible and this was a good way to do that.
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