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Default Re: Ohio State Football Thread

Originally Posted by J Dogg View Post
I went back and looked at his numbers. He didn't compile those himself. I've seen them at least half a dozens times on different football boards. I'm still not all that impressed and it still doesn't prove his original point that OSU has been the Big Ten's only bright spot the past few years.

So he's still an idiot.
Of course he didn't compile them himself. Why re-invnent the wheel? To do so would be idiotic.

OSU isn't the only bright spot in the Big-10? Really?

So who else, within the Big-10 can be considered a brigth spot? Michigan? Not even close right now. Illinois? Meh. Penn State? They're more like a dim bulb than a bright spot. Methinx you should look in the mirror before calling someone an idiot.

Though, your deliberate ignorance reminds me of a saying.

Pigs don't know pigs stink.
If you take the "U" out of "STUD", you get STD. I'm just saying.
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