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Default Re: Ohio State Football Thread

Originally Posted by xfl2001fan View Post
Of course he didn't compile them himself. Why re-invnent the wheel? To do so would be idiotic.

OSU isn't the only bright spot in the Big-10? Really?

So who else, within the Big-10 can be considered a brigth spot? Michigan? Not even close right now. Illinois? Meh. Penn State? They're more like a dim bulb than a bright spot. Methinx you should look in the mirror before calling someone an idiot.

Though, your deliberate ignorance reminds me of a saying.

Pigs don't know pigs stink.
I'm not really sure why you picked up this torch for him.

First off, OSU isn't a bright spot. The lopsided losses they've suffered in recent memory pretty much eliminate that idea right off the bat. 41-14 against Florida alone kills any chance they had of being called a "bright spot".

On the other side of the coin, one bad loss by Penn State shouldn't take away from the fact that beat FSU in a game that was set up as a classic trap game and Tennessee in a game where they were the underdogs and picked against by every talking head in the country.

I'm not a Penn State fanatic nor am I a USC hater. But it gets annoying that 95% of conversations with USC fans are pointless because they're unaware that football exists outside of the dump that is the LA Coliseum. They forget that last year USC LOST to the same Oregon State team that Penn State demolished. They always have an excuse. From the losses to teams like Stanford to the fact that a good number of their alums in the NFL are mediocre to bust.

But whatever, you and your BFF can keep this argument going. I'm done.
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