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Thanks for all the insite guys.

Yeah, we have Primanti's inked in as a place to visit. We saw the episode of Man Vs. Food and made that a "Sure Fire" destination while we are there.

Love the idea for a view. I will write that down.

Also love the idea of the metal bar. I actually work in Radio Advertising, and I work for a metal station. So we will visit there for sure, but I am sure some of my buddies will want to go "Clubbing" at some point to see what Pitt has to offer for tail. I myself like the bars where I can get a barstool and rip shots, and talk to some locals but everyone is different.

"PS What's up with Fav-ra? He must've taken one too many shots to the noggin' right before he retired (the first time!)"

Well I lost a lot of respect for that guy. I used to literally praise the ground he walked on. I am just about 27, so for the majority of my life I watched him sling passes for the Green and Gold. It hurt seeing him in a Jets jersey, but we had moved on and I accepted that. But I said if he ever put on that purple jersey I would never forgive him. The damage is pretty much done and I still cannot believe all that went down. He must have fallen off his tractor one too many times.

But we are all jacked for our trip. Any other insights let me know. Thanks guys!

Anyone ever been to Lambeau?
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