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Default Re: Ohio State Football Thread

Originally Posted by SteelersinCA View Post
I can't believe you guys even engage this guy. I put up the stats and he still says Penn State and Wisconsin are bright spots. The he says OSU being in BCS GAMES FOR 6 OUT OF THE PAST 7 YEARS means nothing!!! Penn State has 1 BCS win and Wisconsin 2 with the last in 99. I now know what the "J" in J Dogg stands for, joke.

To even begin to poo poo OSU is absurdity. While I think they lose to USC and the Big 10 has been in a down stretch OSU, without question by anyone with an IQ over 3 (this excludes you Joke Dogg, you're safe) has been the standard bearer for the Big 10. No one even comes close. Let's try this again. They have more BCS wins than the rest of the conference combined in the past decade. can't even decide what argument you're trying to make.

Just sit down and let the adults talk now junior.
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