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Default Re: Life lessons can carry steep price

"He made the choice to go into that club with a loaded gun in his pocket," he said. "If he felt like he needed protection, he probably shouldn't have gone in there in the first place."

Then, shaking his head, Ward said: "What a waste. Plax was so talented. He could have been right there with the elite guys."

That leads back to that valuable lesson Ward mentioned earlier.

"Life is about choices," he said. "I remember sitting Plax and Troy [Edwards, another former Steelers receiver] down and trying to tell them that. You make a bad choice, you have to live with the consequences."

Burress didn't listen.

Just like that, everything he worked for in his life is gone.
Exactly... Ward is DEAD ON....

and hopefully, Ben R. has learned his lesson too. You simply can't go everywhere that a normal person goes, and do everyth9ing a normal person does.

I know, I know, different situations... but foresight still is needed. High profile celebs should NEVER be alone away from home on trips... PERIOD. And strip clubs... carrying guns? Boneheaded... just Boneheaded. Plax has destroyed his career just as thoroughly as T.O., maybe more.
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