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Default Re: Packer Fan Here

Mutual respect!!

An NFL fan has to respect Green Bay and their fans. Especially a Steeler fan. Similar cultures.

For the record, one of my favorite games was the Christmas 95 game when you guys won the division on us. I have always been sort of amused by that Thigpen "drop" in the end zone and Cowher's "Oh gosh darnit" smirk with the twinkle in his eye. The game was meaningless to us. Sort of a "Merry Christmas". Have it on VHS.

Anyway, my family moved away from the City of Champions in the late 50s. I get back on business from time to time. Outside of the stadia on the North shore of the Allegheny, my favorite walk around area is the Strip. And my favorite restaurant in Pittsburgh is Lidia's in the Strip. That's not Pittsburgh fare per se, it's just a good restaurant, and I like Lidia. Rumor has it that Ben likes it too.

I was weaned on Vincent's pizza, and have been back as recently as last fall. IMHO, the best pie on the planet. Way off the beaten path though, and perhaps a bit funky for outa-towners.

Enjoy your visit.

Oh yeah, try to stay at the Sheraton in Station Square and ask for a room facing the city or Heinz Field. Spectacular!!

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