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Default Re: STFU, already. . .

Originally Posted by syde18T
That nickname is not your's....thanks.

Looks like the Seahawks are failing to come up with their own slogans. (Ex: See Texas A&M's 12th Man)
Oh please....that isn't the Eagles nickname either. Any team who has a bird as their mascot can use it. Get over yourself.

Plus, that's all a bunch of horse $hit. Trademarking a phrase is the dumbest thing to do. That would be like if I trademarked "First and Goal"...then sued all football teams who said it. That's all they got...a frivolous lawsuit. The Seahawks do not have anything that says "The 12th Man." We retired a #12 Fan jersey in 1984 and fly a flag with the number 12 on it. Texas A&M will lose. Plus, they only trademarked it for "namely organizing and conducting intercollegiate sporting events," and products, such as caps, T-shirts, novelty buttons and jewelry. The Seahawks is not a college and they do not print anything with the words "The 12th Man."
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