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Default Re: Snoop Joins The Ravens

Snoop Dogg is an overrated rapper. He hasn't put out a good album since Doggystyle in 1993... Of course thats just a personal complaint with him, most of you will go a step further to say no rap is good. Which I can understand I can only listen to it in spells or unless its from artists in the 90s.

Anyway, Im getting off subject big time. I thought Id just toss that out there. As far as Snoop being a Steeler fan... You know. He's messes around with the Raiders and Ravens, he's not a pureblood Steeler fan. He's sort of more a casual fan of the sport, but enough to where he isn't talking complete nonsense. So I don't consider him a true member of Steeler Nation.

This isn't really a big deal though. But he's not someone you mention in the same sentence with Brett or Mini Me when it comes to hardcore fans.
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