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Default Re: Stream Steeler 2009 season online

Originally Posted by Slanted August View Post
Would anyone know of a site where you would be able to watch the steelers online?

I am not going to be able to afford the Ticket with a 25% cut in pay.

I do remember there was a sight last year that had incredible quality as far as the stream and was free but it was also one of those deals where you can easily pick up a virus, etc.

I am willing to pay if their is some VIP club out there. There is also some overseas services where they are able to legally stream but I dont know if they are still around.

TVAnts and MyP2P (both .com's) are ok if you absolutely MUST see the game when it's happenening...sometimes the quality can be crappy though, depending on which site they are streaming off of, and the feed can sometimes be shutdown.

If you're able to wait a day or two after the games, is THE place to get great quality downloads. You need to sign up for the site and have a torrent program like utorrent or transmission, and you have to keep up a .03 upload/download ratio after 20gb's of download. The site is trustworthy though and it's quite easy to navigate, and the quality is superb.
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