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Default Re: WE THE PEOPLE!!!

Originally Posted by 7SteelGal43 View Post
Right. I mean the only way to have "complete and utter" separation of Church and State would be to not let any person who has any religious conviction of any kind run for public office. Any person elected is going to take their "church" with them when they enter office. They are still most likely able to govern according to the constitution or the law, but their "church" is always going to be with them. By the way, was Barak Obama a church going man ?
Not only was he a church going man, but he went to a church that preached Black Liberation Theology.

Go take a look at what liberation theology really is. . . and then what he is doing in govt. now.

Today, We have a larger joining of theology and the presidency then we have had in the last 40 years.
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