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Default Re: International Fan: Planning Trip To Pittsburgh - Tickets?

Heya Aussies,

I flew over from London last year for the chargers and bengals games. For the chargers game I bought a ticket off ebay and it arrived in London a good month or so before the game, was legit and I got in with now issues. For the Bengals game I went down on the day and was given a ticket by someone for free just before kick-off it was an 8pm Thursday night game and the bengals sucked so not a hot ticket by any means!

This year I have bought all my tickets through Ticketmaster for face value when they went on sale and am going to collect them at the ground using will-call which is the only way you can buy tickets from ticketmaster at face value, this does however mean keeping an ear to the ground as to when they are going on sale!

Hope this helps

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