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Default Re: Browns | Quarterback battle remains open

Originally Posted by Killer View Post
Negative ghostrider - that has always been the Brown's biggest problem.

Never forget - Charlie Frye beat out DA....and all y'all were kissing his butt too.
Disagree whole-heartidly.

You can win with a mediocre Qb, just ask the 2000 Baltimore Ravens and 2002 Bucs.

heck for as bad as the Steelers choked in the AFC title games under Cowher, they were at least able to reach them

The Browns can't even do that right now. They need to build up their defense, get some pass rushers, get a solid ground game going and finish building up the Rightside of the o-line, then we can talk QB.
Don't Blame Me, I don't have any control over the Browns.
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