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Default Re: Comcast vs. DirectTV


D* also has Multi Room Viewing coming out very soon.
That's great but I can only watch it from one room at a time.


Its in beta testing right now or CE as it called. You can record shows on one dvr and watch them on a different receiver in a different room.

If you get Direct and want to get in on the CE testing let me know. I've been doing it for a couple years now and it's kinda nice to have features turned on that the rest of the public don't have yet.

Oh and the HD quality with D is head and heals above comcrap.
Sounds great Mach.

It took some "convincing" .....but the wife FINALLY gave in......DirectTV it is!

Now about this "multi-room viewing", if I sign up for it do I have to stand in the doorway between the two rooms when I'm watching TV?
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