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Default Re: Defense wins goal-line drill + News and notes from the 10th day of training camp

[quote=O Sensei;636608]
Originally Posted by Preacher View Post
No No No.,.. see, when Bettis was here we played smashmouth football. Heck, he cloud have lined up without a line and carried all 11 defensive players into the endzone. That is why he was the Bus. We have to get back to smashmouth football. Does Bettis want to come out of retirement? We can give him a lineman to help now!

If only....

I agree though, you have this fantastic defense that is begging for a consistent running game and until you adjust the offense we won't see it.There is no more demoralizing an occurance in this sport to an opposing defense than to have long sustained drives....primarily running the football, simple as that. That is exactly what they are lacking, that would put them over the hump, I don't care who carries it, someone has to step up and remind all of us this is not a finesse team.
Um, maybe you didn't notice the sarcasm in my posts.... the old "smashmouth football" hasn't won us any SB's in almost 40 years. In truth, it was only the first one that "smashmouth football" won. The rest of them were won through the air, or as a combination between the two.

Even SB XL was won as a combination. Fast Willie broke one, but ARE put one up nicely too. However, don't forget it was Ben that engineered 3 wins getting there.

I do not want smashmouth football, because we will not win SB's. I want BALANCED football. Yes, we need to be better on the ground this year. No doubt about that. But teams that win SB's do it as much through the air as on the ground.

Originally Posted by O Sensei View Post
Not to mention the fact that a consistent rushing attack would do harry potterlike wonders for the lifespan of our 100 mill qb investment.
On that, we are in complete agreement... if that is what you mean by Smashmouth... then ignore the above response!!
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