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Default Re: Moral Outrage and the Hypocracy of Double Standard

Originally Posted by SteelTalons View Post
But the reason the left doesn't care when a Democrat does it, but complains when a Republican does. Has to do with the fact most Dems arent claiming moral high ground. They aren't going super-religious on everyone saying I'm qualified to run because Im a man/woman of faith like the Republicans do oh so often.
Really? When was the last time a GOPer claimed to be a super-religious person and claimed they were qualified because of their faith?

Oh yeah, and I am going need a source for this one... an actual quote.

Many CLAIM faith. Many TALK about how their faith interacts with what they do.. but Qualified BECAUSE of their faith? I am looking forward to seeing that one... "I am qualified to be president because I am a baptist...methodist...presbyterian...christian...m uslim...(oops, never mind the last one)."
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