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Default Re: Browns | Quarterback battle remains open

Originally Posted by RodWoodsonwasprettycool View Post
Didn't want him them, don't want him now.

If he would have been drafted by the Browns that year he would have been out of the league by now or a backup for the Oakland Raiders.

Ben landed in a good situation with the Steelers, he already had a team that had been built up with a ground game, good recievers, decent o-line, and a great World Beater type defense.

The same could not have been said of the 2004 Browns who really had 0 Pro Bowlers on their roster on either side of the ball.
Stupidest post ever? i think so

Ben is a winner and would be a winner anywhere he went

I knew Cleveland had stupid people running their team but didn't realize their fans were also as dumb
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