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Default Re: Browns | Quarterback battle remains open

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
I'm SHOCKED at the lack of knowledge of your own team...why am I explaining this to you?

In 2004 the Browns had Holcomb, Garcia and McCown on their roster...Garcia was a veteran starter and even Holcomb had experience. You most DEFINITELY sit Ben behind those guys, dump McCown and let him learn.

In case you didn't know (and it's a good bet you don't), th Steelers plans were to sit Ben behind Tommy Friggin' Maddox (but Maddox was injured early on), so sitting him for a year behind Garcia would have made good plain sense.

Please're embarrassing yourself at this point...
Holcomb - Benched for inconsistency. Garcia - ended season on the IR. McCown...really? Even a rookie Ben is better than him.

I did know that the Steelers planned on sitting Ben. I also know that Ben had the benefit of veteran WR who could play the game, a runner who was on pace to break the 10K yards...and a stellar defense.

None of that matches up to what the Browns could offer Ben.

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Again, false. I'd seen Ben play innumerable times, and was on a rival board pimping the HELL out of him. I was ecstatic at the selection, and knew exactly what we had.

You REALLY need to go back and do a little research on your own team before you come busting onto a Steelers board telling us how one of the most productive QB's in the NFL would not have been a good fit for team that has played QB roulette for the least 10 years.

Hell, want research? Just read my last few posts!
Reading comprehension...I said 99.9% (yeah, you there too)

The Browns weren't drafting a QB propsect who had "questionable mobility" to sit on a team with no line. Ben fell into the perfect situation with the Steelers. He would have had the exact opposite with the Browns. Defense didn't keep it close enough for him to manage the game...he would have been asked to try and win it himself. Our coaching was terrible then...which is why Garcia failed (before landing on the IR) and Holcomb proved himself (time and again) to be a great career backup...and nothing more.
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