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Default Re: Moral Outrage and the Hypocracy of Double Standard

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
One of the problems with this whole line of reason is that the Republicans are claiming to have a higher set of standards, so when they fall, it's a bit farther to fall because they've raised the bar a little higher for themselves. It also makes them susceptible to their own hypocrisy.

Does that mean it's OK or expected for Democrats to cheat and philander around? Of course not, but it does mean there is sort of a sliding scale of moral turpitude...
Good points rev, and so true. It really makes me sad that the sliding scale you speak of is a fact. I guess I just wish that ALL Americans would hold ALL elected officials to the SAME standards. Even with that, I mean, even among private citiezens, people falter. Affiars happen. Are these elected officials to be held to a HIGHER standard than say, the average American ? I suppose one could make the argument that an affair by an elected official especially at the federal level, can kinda be a black eye to the nation and yes, bring in to question that persons character and the fact how he or she does their job and conducts themselves effects the nation.

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