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Default Re: Moral Outrage and the Hypocracy of Double Standard

Originally Posted by X-Terminator View Post
Oy...I think I've seen and heard it all now

What kind of absolute friggin IDIOT blames the recession on gays? See, this is the main reason why I would never join the Republican party. They have allowed the extreme kook religious nuts to gain way too much power and influence over the party. I have no problem with people practicing religion - I'm a believer in God myself. But good grief...that kind of thinking is just ridiculous, and I can't deal with that. And the sad part is that there are a whole lot of complete dullards out there who'll eat that up.
If I thought for a second that Representative Kern's views were prevelant in the thinking, speaking, or actions of the Republican party, I would not remain a registered Republican. Period. If I didn't think her views and statements were nothing more than a single, no bigger than a pin point, blip on the radar, I'd be gone. I hear so many on the outside of the Republican party say we need to practice more 'tolerance'. Well, from where I stand, inside, I see tolerance. And as a Republican, I make this vow. I promise not to judge the entire Democrat party on the thinking, speaking, or actions of Nancy Pelosi.

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