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Default Re: Browns | Quarterback battle remains open

Originally Posted by xfl2001fan View Post
Whatever moron.

Need I remind you (and Revs) what the draft prospect had to say about him:

NEGATIVES: A pocket passer with marginal mobility and cannot escape the rush. Must improve his downfield accuracy as well as the placement of the outs. Majority of snaps are taken out of the shotgun.

Drafting him on a team with no line, no WR and no HB worth mentioning seems like it'd be the exact same mistake we made when we drafted Tim Couch. Yes, we made a mistake in drafting KW2. However, drafting Ben would not have solved our problems. The team was shoddily put together in 1999...and little was done to rectify it. Savage made some moves to get us on the right track (like the drafting of Joe T, or getting Shaun Rogers)...but he also made some serious blunders (like signing Stallworth to that ridiculous contract.)

Hindisight is 20/20 Big Ben exceeded the expectations of almost everyone on the planet...including 99.9% of you Steelers fans. Your own personal revisionist history might make you believe otherwise, but that's a "you" problem.

The Browns need to continue to refine their lines...then they can be concerned with finding the skill players to match up with them. Without the lines, nobody we bring in will play well. Nobody. Especially when you consider that (at the moment) we don't have a defense that will keep most of the games we play close enough for it to matter.
you are a stupid freakin moron. /thread

and im pretty sure 90% of your fellow cleveland turd fans would agree
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