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Default Re: Comcast vs. DirectTV

Had Dish Network and really liked their service...however, the condo i live in prohibits Dish and does an end around on all the FCC "fairness" stuff by providing us free basic I can't complain as the first $50 of my cable bill is knocked off.

I liked Dish Network fine, and it was DEFINITELY cheaper, but still had some scattered satellite issues.

The BEST all-around service I ever had was U-verse (and I've had them all)...unfortunately the service coverage is still pretty spotty.

Living where I live I get 75% of the Steelers games anyway, so I don't miss Directv (which I had in Florida), and just head to the local sports pub for the games not televised. At $400+ it's just not worth it unless you live out of a primary or secondary Steelers market...
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