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Default Re: Browns | Quarterback battle remains open

I just don't understand what you are still arguing for.

The drafted a QB in the third the next year who had many of the same attributes of Ben MINUS his arm-strength. You can't use 20/20 hindsight on Garcia, stating that he was on the IR proves nothing OTHER than that they knew he (and Dilfer) were mere stop-gaps.

The Browns effed up in 2004. There were 3 premier QB's, one was left on the board when their number was up, and they picked a high strung, temperamental borderline thug TE instead of Ben.

They DID take considerable steps to upgrade their line in '05. Droughns was a weapon in the backfield. 2005 would have been a break-out year for Ben Roethlisberger had he been picked up by the Browns.

Finally, using Ben's resulting contract, based on his early success, is having it both ways: If he'd fail with the Browns, his contract would not have been 102 million, conversely, if he HAD the success (which he would have because he just THAT good), the Browns would have gladly paid him (and probably paid him more than the Steelers did).

This is a stupid argument, you lost it 20 posts ago, and I'm done with it...
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