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Default Re: Anyone wanna buy me a present?

Originally Posted by Suitanim
Thanks, dude...rep coming your way. What did you think of the Zephyr? I'm still not sure yet...I didn't like the new Caddies when they first came out, but now I love them. Do they remind you of the CTS?

Also, any pics of the Dodge Challenger? Chevy Camaro?
I think I did get some pics of the Challenger... I know I saw it, and it was mean lookin. I will post more when I get a chance.

I like the Zephyr alot, and it's funny you would say it because it totally reminds me of the CTS. I told my friend when it first came out it was Lincoln's answer to the CTS. I also was on the fence with the new Caddies when they first came out, and now I love them. especially the fully loaded versions. I like the STS alot.

and I love the V8 CTS-V...

They race them at Mid-Ohio in the American Lemans SPEED GT... Audi's S6 won nearly every race for three years until it came along. It is the fastest car on the circuit... it could actually hang with the Audi's who were the fastest AWD car in the circuit, and they obviously were RWD. Amazing...

Here is a pic off the Audi...

Here is a pic of them dueling it out.

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