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Default Re: Browns | Quarterback battle remains open

Anyone who is arguing that Ben would be anywhere NEAR as successful with the Browns is foolish.

THIS is the roster he would have been. Even if you put Joe Montana or Otto Graham as starting QB, I doubt like all hell they would have been able to succeed. There is absolutely no one to throw the ball, no offensive line, very little in defensive help and good luck finding someone to hand the ball of to.

He would have FAILED here, absolutely FAILED. To the point where he would have been booed out of town by 2007 IMO.

Now lets compare that to this

A team with 8 Pro Bowlers, a great defense and one that had made the AFC title game a couple of times. Quite different than an expansion team that had little in terms of talents. Oh, did I also mention that the front office actually could function well and that the coaching staff was amongst the best in the NFL.

A QB wouldn't have fixed the Browns problems. PERIOD. They lacked depth, lacked an o-line, lacked a decent coaching staff, lacked a decent GM, lacked a RB. Everything that the Steelers had, the Browns didn't back then. Hell, they still don't have it all together.

They don't need a QB, nor did they need one back then. They need to fix those problems first before they can even think about doing those.

The Browns didn't do bad here, In fact, they at least got one Pro Bowl season out of Winslow and a trade that eventually netted us Massaquoi. If Ben had been drafted by us, I doubt the same could be said.
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